Model Composite

September 30, 2008

Here’s 2 of the 10 shots I did for our latest class assignment.  I used a 30D and a 5D with a 300mm and a 135mm lens.  I used one white lighting 1600 mono in various positions to get a variety of lighting situations for my model.


September 17, 2008

how I lit this photo...

how I lit this photo...


It's such a joy to work with this sweet little model!


For our latest commercial assignment…  We were to photograph a “lifestyles illustration”  around the home computer.   I shot this with a cannon 30D at 1/15 sec @ f/8.  ISO was 100 and I used a 24-70mm lens.  To light this scene, I used 2 JTL mono lights inside and a third outside.  One at 5:30 to the camera position on 1/2 power, and the other at 9:00 on 1/4 power.  The outdoor mono was on full power and placed to shine in through the window.  (It was almost dark outside when I began shooting)

Morning Breakfast

August 27, 2008

lighting strategy

lighting strategy

My 1st client assignment as a commercial student at RCC
My 1st client assignment as a commercial student at RCCHere

Bottom: My final image for the breakfast shoot.   

Top: How I lit the scene…  I cleared the food from the table before I remembered to snap this shot!  :O  
I used a mono light (min. power)  w/ a medium sized soft box aprox. 3 ft. from the scene on the right.  I placed a fill card directly across  from it on the left.  I placed another mono light (min. power) slightly behind the fill card and aimed it at a second fill card in front of the scene.  I used a 3rd mono light (close to max power) w/ a golden-yellowish gel and placed it behind the soft box aprox. 7-8 ft. high.  I aimed it on a white backdrop trying to simulate a golden morning sun light.  For the shoot, I used a cannon 5-D and shot at f/14 @ 125…  ISO 160.  After the shoot, I gained 5lbs and had a massive tummy ache!  Can’t wait for the next assignment!